Saturday, April 14, 2012

I quit smoking!!!

I have been a smoker since 1990. I half tried to quit many times although I never really wanted to quit. I had been very lazy about it and although I was completely disgusted with smoking for many reasons, I never had the motivation to stop.

I am now a nonsmoker. I quit cold turkey and I have not looked back. I was able to stop smoking so easily this time because my reasons for quitting were more powerful than any desire to smoke. In fact I have experienced little to no craving for a smoke.

So in celebration of officially being a nonsmoker I want to share one of my favorite oil paintings at the Minneapolis Institute of arts with you.

Edouard Manet
French 1832-1883
"The Smoker"
1866, oil on canvas

"No one can be a painter unless he cares for painting above all else."
-Edouard Manet

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