Thursday, October 26, 2006

I got a Job at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts!!!

I was finally hired on as a Gallery Guard at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts after three years of applying.  

I have spent the last ten years living in areas where I was close enough to walk to the museum under five minutes.  I truly love this building and its collection of art.  Its better than the walker anyway.  I was told that it took me three years to be employed at the MIA because it is a seniority based job where people rarely leave.  The health and dental benefits are crazy good, and crazy cheap (less than you pay anywhere, I swear).

My goal.  
To truly familiarize myself with the permanent collection and convert what I see into my own works of art.  I have been doing that for ten years, but its not the same.  Now I will be surrounded by works of art for 40 hours a week.  With the nature of the job I wont be able to just pick where I am posted so I will be forced to look at works of art I have never considered.  

I announce now that I will complete my study of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in under 6 years.  So lets say that my employment has a shelf life of 5 to 7 years.  That is a good projection, hoping that everything goes according to my plans for my work in the future.  No expectations, no worries, here we go for another major life change.  

I might be fairly busy this first year, so the posts will come...
...maybe not as often as I would like, but they will come.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Composition studies

I have been working to complete my series of oil paintings based on color.  I finally completed the final composition studies for Rabbititus #11 Secondary Colors.

These are simple abstracts, but the final oil painting will be the three secondary colors, orange, green, and violet.  

I will pick up the canvas for the painting this week and get started painting it as soon as I get home with my new blank canvas.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Artwork of the month: Cubist village.

I simply love this oil painting.  Cubism had its moments that is for sure.  Albert Gleizes is considered a founding father of cubism.  He has an overwhelming amount of good paintings in his portfolio, but what he lacks is self control, as his work is rarely edited.  This painting is one of my favorite works on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Albert Gleizes
French, 1881-1953
"The Village"
1913, oil on canvas

Thanks for reading even though this post is a little slack...
...more to come soon.