Monday, August 27, 2012

Minneapolis, I am a Compositionalist - Goodby and thanks for the dreams.

Today I am leaving my adopted home town of Minneapolis, MN.  My beautiful wife Athena ( of Such Good Dogs :)  ) and I have decided to try and live our dreams.  Athena wanted to become a professional dog trainer, and I wanted to become a professional artist.  We are now the people we have always wanted to be, and knowing that, we understand how much more we can become.      

Both of us have had the pleasure of truly knowing some of the coolest people in this city.  We both would not be the people we are without the true friendships we have built here in Minneapolis.  We love you all, and we are very sad to leave you.  Albeit, we are family, and we will never simply leave you behind.  Our home is yours.

I moved to Minneapolis in the fall of 1996 to become an artist.
This is my last oil painting I will complete in Minneapolis.  It is meaningful to me if only for that reason.  
During the last 17 years I taught myself how to oil paint anything I want, anything my mind can see.  I have total control of my medium, and with that I am able to truly use my philosophy to communicate through the aesthetics of composition.  Now I am going to speak my mind.

 My current paint pallet.

A portion of my current subject matter.

BitTorrent #13  "Penitent Magdelene"

Thanks Minneapolis, I have been able to live the life of interesting dreams.  For everything you have given me, I am continually grateful.  I should be arriving in Maui, Hawaii in a few hours.  Athena and I are going to build a beautiful life together...a life of happiness and productivity in our chosen fields.  

Minneapolis, I am a Compositionalist - Goodby and thanks for the dreams...
...Maui, Hawaii here we come, welcoming the challenge.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pictures from a collector.

I was sent these pics of two recent paintings from the new owner.  It always makes me happy when a client is excited about my paintings.   When I get an email with pictures of my work hanging in someone's home I feel proud, and thankful.

These two paintings are two of my newer works, both completed in 2011.

Thanks for the pics...
...they look great on your walls.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Proteus Mag

Dustin parker at Proteus Mag was kind enough to feature me as on of his artists of the day.  I was featured in one of his earlier publications, Issue 2 of the magazine, summer of 2007.  Proteus Mag has evolved into a full on blog featuring artists from around the world daily.  

There are an amazing amount of talented artists on Proteus Mag's blog.  Its definitely work subscribing to his RSS feed.

After surfing through a few hundred artist of the day posts at Proteus Mag I see even more that the pure abstract artist is few and far between.  There are so few artists today that work from a traditional abstraction theses days, and I welcome that.  It gives me the social freedom to create whatever I desire without the fear of fitting into a groove of ism.

After all I am a Compositionalist with few contemporaries.

Check out Proteus Mag...
...Dustin features new artists daily.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The new Website has gone LIVE!

This last month has been very busy completing the last things for our move.  It is no small task to move your entire family off the continent.  Things are going well, and I will arrive in Maui, Hawaii on the 27th of this month.  

One of the big tasks to complete was my new website.  Thanks to Huck Tate, my web-designer who was able to fulfill all of my wishes for the site.  My goal was to make a site that was easy to navigate, could be viewed on a mobile device, and still retained the design elements for my old flash site.

We just uploaded the new website and it looks great.  

I will have the store running in about 3 to 4 months.  In the store you will be able to buy originals, prints, and other fun and useful products I have been working on.

Go surf the new website...
...let me know what you think.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Artwork of the Month: Broken Crow

I have know John Grider for fifteen years now, and as long as I can remember he has been working toward being an artist.  I am lucky to own a painting of Johns.

Last week we hung out at Athena and my going away party, he showed me this new video he finished.  Its called 'The Bigger Picture Project' and it is amazing.  I can see how the last fifteen years of working hard has paid off for John.

John works with a partner, Mike Fitzsimmons in a collaborative called Broken Crow.
Broken Crow has been creating works in minneapolis since 2003 and as a result there are Broken Crow murals everywhere in Minneapolis.  All of them innovative.
I haven't said much about Mike, and I mean no disrespect to his work or him.  I just don't know him very well and all that I can say is that I admire his work alone and as a part of Broken Crow.  

The Bigger Picture Project by Mike Fitzsimmons and John Grider is some of the most stunning work in Minneapolis.  Every muralist in town, every tagger wanting to be an artist copies these two.

I look forward to your next project like this.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blogger vrs Wordpress & Corrections and timeline


I have been going through the blog, and correcting some spelling and grammatical errors, as I look a the time line of the past work.  I noticed quite a bit of traffic from my rss feed after I updated the few posts, sorry for the double posts guys, i just wanted to clean up my spelling.  

Also, I am seriously considering going to Wordpress.  I am not sure why but my web developer for my .com is suggesting a Wordpress directly in my website, and to drop or leave inactive this blogger.

I am not really sure it seams like alot of work to me, so I will put the question out there...
...would you still read this blog if it was a Wordpress within '' as a blog page and not this blogger account?

Or should I just do both?

I am not even sure I can see the benefits of my a conversion to Wordpress.
Just email me or comment, and thanks.