Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The big move.

I have been a professional artist in Minneapolis, Minnesota since 1996.  My time here has been both productive and romantic.  I could afford to live as an artist, and simply create works of art on an almost daily biases.  I can not remember a time that I was not painting and creating works of art.  Minneapolis has been very good to me as I was able to easily establish myself here as an artist.  

My wife Athena and I have decided to move for a better climate, and greater opportunities for us both in our chosen professions.  We are moving to Maui, Hawaii this September.  I will be able continue to be a professional full time artist, and Athena will be able to be a full time dig trainer.

Our dreams have come true, now all we have to do is work and that is the easy part.

Thanks Minneapolis... are currently the center of the art of the world.

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