Tuesday, May 16, 2006

5 reasons we all might like Goya.

In lieu of "Artwork of the month" I give you Goya.

I like Goya, maybe you do too.  I have been looking at one of his paintings for years now.  So why do we like Goya?

1.  Francis Bacon and Goya would have been great friends. 
2.  Goya's work is dark, realistic philosophically and visually, and honest.
3.  Goya is a war hero of sorts.
4. Goya's historical prowess is accurate. 
5.  He is not boring all of the time.

 This oil painting is on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  I enjoy looking at Goya's work for the visual record of his times hat it gives us.  Albeit, I do not really like his work.  It is boring to me.

Francisco Jose de Goya Lucientes
Spanish, 1746-1828
"Self Portrait with Dr. Arrieta"
1820, Oil on canvas

“The dream of reason produces monsters."
- Goya

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Line composition studies.

I was into the simple line for a time.  I felt that I could design a line that eludes to multiple subjects.  
Here are a few of those older illustrations where I was working out that idea.

Thanks for taking a look at these...
...they are simply studies but i turned them all into cool oil paintings.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

"Line Compositions" series of paintings

Lets take another look at my past as an oil painter.
This series of paintings was created in 1999.  There were 20 in total, but alas I was not very organized and only have a few images from those days.  I have no idea where the rest of these paintings are and if you by chance own one and come across this blog, please email me a picture of my work.  I can not even remember what they look like.

Artist Statement
This series of paintings are the study of a single line becoming multiple forms.

Adam M. Considine  1999

Line 1
oil on canvas
48" x 24"

Line 2
oil on canvas
70" x 40"

Line 3
oil on canvas 
60" x 48"

Line 7
oil on canvas 
80" x 40"

I know they ended up more allegorical as the series went on...
...but who can be sure.