Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wood Relief Composition.

Every now and then I must work with Wood.  I just feel the need for it and I go at whatever I have available to me.  I prefer to work with maple, the cleaner the better.  Here is my new piece, hope you enjoy it.

Relief Composition #1
2007, Maple and enamel on panel
46" x 26"


Hung horizontally.

I will work with maple again...
...I have been saving a large amount of very special wood just for artwork.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Proteus magazine

I am going to be published in Proteus Magazine issue #2.  It is going to come out today in PDF format.  Proteus magazine is an online arts magazine.

Read it online!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

2.1_The fundamentals of oil painting.

2.1  The fundamentals of oil painting.
There is only one rule to being an oil painter.  Use oil paint anyway you can, as all other variables are irrelevant and inconsequential.  There are tried techniques to the application of oil paint, but those also are a variable.  That is not to say don't learn what has worked before you, simply do not be confined by anthers personal preferences.  I say that the single most important fundamental is that the student of painting, the artist, and the master painter, use oil pigments and only oil pigments.  

In chapter 2 I will discuss the fundamentals of oil painting as I see and have practiced them.  It is my hope that an artists reading this in the future will find value within a disciplined study of oil painting, just as this future will generate new and innovative ideas in said artists generation.