Friday, April 8, 2011

Studio #8 - 2509 Pleasant Avenue South

Since 1997 I have always lived in my studio.  Now that I live with my fiance Athena, and we intend to have a baby someday I cant live in the toxic chemical environment of an art studio.
So I converted our garage into my new Art studio!!!

My 8th studio in Minneapolis is a garage, yep people my wife to be needs something better than living in a studio, so we are renting a house (the roommates downstairs suck).  It was pretty cool the two of us, our two dogs and 1 cat all living in a working art studio that was only 800 or so square feet.  

here are some of my old studios over the years... have seen all of these in my past posts on my studios.

This is my new studio...
...right to left panorama.
I have already been fairly productive here, except for the time I needed to recover from the accident.  I finished the final touches to the studio a few weeks ago.  Funny as it is, I will be moving on in three months to a new larger house with a larger and better studio.

Thanks for reading...
...check back with me soon; I promise there are interesting things to come.


  1. There wasn't a new post so i'd just post here. I like your studio! Great work! Thanks for sharing this! Happy Easter!...Daniel

    1. Cool,

      I am dismantling my current studio now in preparation for a big move. Then it's on to building yet another painting studio. I love the work.