Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Artwork of the month: American landscape.

There was an exhibit of paintings owned by local Minneapolis collectors at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts early in 2009.  For the most part I found the exhibit okay, but the idea of celebrating the wealthy was as distasteful as citrus after brushing your teeth.  Out of that revelry for the rich and their possessions I came to admire a brilliant example of expressionistic realism.

Last week I was surprised to find out the MIA purchased the painting in the exhibit that I felt was the best in show.  And here I believed that I would never see it again.

Theodore Robinson
American, 1852-1896
"Farm among hills, Giverny"
Oil on canvas

"I must beware of the photo, get what I can of it and then go."
-Theodore Robinson

oh, the exhibit was titled "nobel dreams & simple pleasures..." what jerks.

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