Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New illustration study

This is a new study for my upcoming series of oil paintings titled "BitTorrent."  The BitTorrent paintings are going to be a self created mythology where I take the ideas of our past and combine them with what is in our minds today.  This study is about the disharmony of size and complexity.  I want to work with compositions that are very simple, yet very complex as the convoluted arrangement and use of the compositional forms within the total space quiets down its own exaggeration.  

I can see these in my mind as very subtle images with many juxtaposing compositional elements.  Each element at war with one another as their disharmony causes a mindfulness of peace.  I will keep working on I an very interested in how we as mankind see our world very similar to these ideas of balance and discord.  I wanted to work toward an overbalanced composition that felt as if it almost sprang back on itself.  And I think I got it.

BitTorrent Study 6
Ink on Paper

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