Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Studio #7 - 1915 2nd Avenue South #13

To continue on with the series of posts about my studios, here is where I am working now.  My 7th studio in Minneapolis is a top floor, 800 square foot, 1 bedroom corner apartment in Stevens Square.  it is pretty nice, so I will kept it nice.  

I have ben able to really dig into my series of works titled BitTorent, no telling how soon I will have them Finished.  

Just finished this, yep its cool.

Its funny

Chris and I looking at my new work, he likes it.

I am talking about the painting... 
...I talk a lot.

I completed one of my major compositions at this studio.  BitTorrent #2 "Marinuis Van der Lubbe as Icarus"  This painting was to me a crowning achievement in what i wanted to paint next.
Laugh all you want, this painting was and is a major accomplishment for me.  I do take it that seriously, and then I tend to giggle about it later.

Thanks for reading...
...I will keep you up to date about my antics in this new studio.

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