Thursday, February 22, 2007

Studio #3 - 3219 Lyndale Basement studio

My 3rd art studio in Minneapolis was in the basement of an apartment building.  I had a 20' x 20' space with 30' ceiling and a tiny window at the top.  As with all of my studios I spent weeks prepping, cleaning (throwing out dead beat renters stuff out), building, and arranging the place until I was ready to paint.

I created my chrome works in this studio, and really not much else.  I worked on my large texture chrome paintings for almost a year before I was happy with them.  Living here was not uneventful, as i created one of my masterworks (or so i think it is).  enjoy the pics.

At the time I was so proud of this painting that upon completing it I sat and stared at it for over a month.  that might sound excessive, but it was so different, so new, that I had to be sure it was as good as I believed it to be.  When you create something that you truly believe a masterwork, its hard to accept at first.  You stare at it and evaluate its worth, your worth, and how it is going to be received.

Boots in the studio.


Thanks for spending some time here...
...keep checking back I will post more soon.

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