Thursday, February 2, 2006

"666" series of paintings

To continue catching this blog up to the present let us take a look at my past again...

When I was working on this sextet things were not going my way.  Just before this painting I was selling my work on a regular bases.  I was also spending money like there was no tomorrow, thinking that this sales wave would never end.

It did, and as sales of paintings had stopped for several months, I was less than broke and fast going into serious debt to characters that I should have just stayed away from.  I started throwing parties where I sold paintings for next to nothing just to get some cash together for food, which sucked as I was only eating rice because I could buy a 50lb bag for twenty dollars.  If I was lucky I had canned tuna to go with my rice.  Things sucked.

This 6 panel work is a self-portrait from a previous studio.  It was painted to simply reflect the moment in a clever way. 

Adam M. Considine  1998

666 a
oil on canvas

666 b
oil on canvas

666 c
oil on canvas

666 d
oil on canvas

666 e
oil on canvas

666 f
oil on canvas

We all go through the self imposed lessons of being broke...
...It sucks, we find a way to survive and do better next time.

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